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NEWSFLASH             Organized Round Robins have been Suspended.             NEWSFLASH             courts Open             Play at your Own Risk             Have a Great Summer!             Safe Travels!!             NEWSFLASH


Three Board Members Retiring after Giving Their Time Over The Past few Years.....Thank You Thank You!!!!!

Bob Bonack reports the new

 Court Shades


Lots of Shade in 4 new Areas!!!!

It"s Been a Very Successful Year at Palm Creek.....

TECHNOLOGY.....On Line Registration , On Line RR Sign Ups, Members App on your Smartphone, Club Website, Electronisc Board Elections, Web Cams, New Sunday Newsletter, WIFI Court Side and at Tent!!!!!!

TRAINING....A Whole new Approach to Training , Sold Out Training Sessions. 100% Positive Feedback !!!

Assessments.....100's of Members Assessed to MOVE UP!!!!

PHOTOGRAPHY....A new HOME for all the Club Photos....Simply Amazing!!!!!!!

Sunshades for four Court Corridors....To be installed very Soon...Shade and more Shade!!!!!

A new Members Tent....A Central Place to Check in, Hang Out with WIFI

Tournaments....Our most Successful Members Tournament and Duel in the Desert Tournament Yet !!!!!

Plans for A NEW BUILDING for Next Year...with a Patio to chill Out.....!!!!!!

All of these Accomplishments Because Our Club has the GREATEST VOLUNTEERS......WHOSE ONLY REWARD IS TO MAKE THIS CLUB SPECIAL FOR EVERYONE. !!!!!!

We are not done yet.......Our Volunteers and Board are already working on NEXT YEAR!!!!!!

New members may not know that before the Palm Creek Pickleball Club website there was a Palm Creek Pickleball Blog.

For many years Rosemary Reese managed the blog. 

Thank you, Rosemary for your service!

Rosemary's Final Post

Thank you Janice Brown and all the Volunteers who made the 

Volunteer Appreciation Party such a Blast!

We have the BEST Volunteers!

Your Club Photography Team has Posted

All the Duel and Members Tournaments Pictures

.....Check them out...Click Photos Above



Check Events on the website or Events in the Members APP for scheduled round robins and meetings. 


Feb 10-13 Members Tournament (all courts in use)

Feb 18 Pickleball Dance "Great Gatsby"

Mar 3-7 Duel in the Desert (all courts in use)

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Palm Creek Pickleball Mission Statement
  • Create and maintain an environment that promotes health and wellness, social interaction, a sense of community, good sportsmanship and volunteerism
  • Promote the sport of Pickleball for the residents of Palm Creek Resort by developing player skills through training and participation
  • Provide stewardship of our courts in cooperation with Palm Creek Resort and Sun Communities


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