Round Robin Ratings (RR Ratings) Explained

Round Robin Ratings are used for organized play to determine which Round Robin and Ladder a player gets invited to and for where a player plays in the Member Tournament.

Pickleball is a growing and evolving sport. As our club has grown to over 1000 members we have adjusted our organized play to accommodate a wide variety of players and skill levels. Our rating system utilizes the ratings from USAPA tournaments, a rating from the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association and our own club assessment process. This is to ensure we stay aligned with the associations that are governing the sport and the teaching professionals. At the same time, we integrate these with the changing demographic, skill levels and style of play of our club members.

  • The club is introducing on-line signups for Round Robins. 
  • The event SIGN UP notices for RR will be automatically generated from the Membership Roster and therefore a player’s RR Rating will need to be updated in the roster as it changes from an assessment or ladder play. 
  • For more information look at the tab called Moving Up/Moving Down.

The rating is determined at membership purchase time based on the following criteria.

Round Robin Rating Criteria:

  • 4.5 Skill Level players please read 4.5 Skill Level Determination below.

All other players:

If a player was a member of Palm Creek Pickleball Club in the 2018-2019 season:
  • Their skill level from the March 31, 2019 roster will be used as the RR Rating.
  • If a player has a UTPR, or IPTPA skill level, the higher of these or their roster skill level will be used for the RR Level. The higher of Doubles or Mixed Doubles will be used.
If a player is not in last season’s roster:
  • If a player has a UTPR or IPTPA, it will be used as the RR Rating. The higher of Doubles or Mixed Doubles will be used.
  • Otherwise, the player will need to have an assessment and will be sent an email with this information.
Once the RR Level is determined, the player will be notified, show up in the appropriate RR lists and receive the appropriate RR event notifications.

Players will NOT be able to self-rate into a RR Rating.

4.5 Skill Level Determination

For players at the 4.5 Skill Level the RR Level will be determined from the USAPA Legacy Rating as of November 1, 2018. Existing members who do not meet the November 1, 2018 date and all new members can request to join the 4.5 group by having at least one of the following, and agreeing to be assessed by the 4.5 assessment team.
  • Win a medal in a tier two 4.5 tournament with at least 6 teams in the bracket.
  • Have a USAPA UTPR rating of at least 4.5 in the MXD or Doubles category.
  • Have an IPTPA 4.5 rating.

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