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Meet the 5.0 Players who have volunteered their time to facilitate the 3.5 Assessments

Randy Bourne

Randy was introduced to pickleball in 2011 at Palm Creek.  Since then, he has gone on to become a 5.0 player, winning two medals at the 5.0 level at Nationals.  Randy is a former Board Member, who is also a RR Captain, a coach and mentor to new players.

Maurice Parobec

Maurice is a 5.0 player from Camano Island, WA.  He has won numerous medals in tournaments in the U.S. and Canada.  He won a Silver Medal at Nationals in 2016.  Maurice has been credited as a "Pickleball Pro" by the Professional Pickleball Registry, a program sponsored by the USAPA.  He currently is the Instructor for the Intro to Pickleball Class here at Palm Creek.

Patti "Dex" Decker

Dex is a 5.0 player from Minnesota.  She has played pickleball since 2012.  She discovered Palm Creek in 2015.  She became a 5.0 player in 2016 after successfully competing in tournaments.  Dex is currently serving as Co-Director for the 2020 Palm Creek Member Tournament.


Check Events on the website or Events in the Members APP for scheduled round robins and meetings. 

Jan 2 to Jan 20 Members Tournament registration open

Jan 7 9am Board Meeting

Jan 9 4pm General Club Meeting

Jan 10 4pm  Volunteer Fair

Jan 23-25 Casa Grande Dinking at the Dave Tournament

Jan 25 to Feb 19 Duel in the Desert registration open

Feb 2-6 Members Tournament

Feb 20 Pickleball Club Dance

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Dan Hopkins, Sue Rocha provided the 3.5 Ladies with great training.


Please arrive to your Round Robins at least 20 minutes prior to start time to get checked in.

For more info click on EVENTS here.  

Here is the whole Round Robin schedule.

At a minimum cancel out of a round robin at least 35 minutes before the match.

All bags must be off the ground as they are a trip hazard.  


LADDER PLAY...has begun, Click here LADDER for more information.

For any questions regarding the Challenge Courts, click here. Open Play/Challenge Policy

Cancellation of Round Robins due to weather etc. can be found on your events tab on the Members APP or under EVENTS on the website.


If you need training on how to use the ball machineOR you want to check out a ball machine. Click here TRAINING AND HOW TO for more info.


The Captains will decide when a 2.0 / 2.5 player should move up.  3.0, 3.5 Social or 3.5 Creek players need an assessment to move up (free!).  Click here Skill Assessments: Moving up/down for more information.

PLEASE pick up any balls you see laying around.

When using supplies in the First Aid Stations, please only take what you need.

The photos are ready for viewing.  Thanks for all the great work by Tom Gottfried, Jean-Martin Verreault, Jeff Vaughan.


Volunteers will be at the tent M-F 11am-1pm to help with questions and to:

  • Get your membership sticker.
  • Sign the Steve Hansen Memory Book.  It will be there through the first week in January.

Captains are there for Round Robin sign ups.

Come during the day to:

  • Check out the info on the Communication Board
  • Use the free WIFI and the password is pickleball.


      Round Robin Captains & Co-Captains

    Trainers/ Mentors     Welcome Table Volunteers

Click here volunteer for more info.  Anyone can sign up at the Club Table or click here to contact the lead.

Dean Wineinger and Laura Metallo have volunteered to take over Court Washing!     Thank You!

Anyone with used paddles can donate them to:

David Wight - He will be taking them to Mexico in January.

Patty McClure - She takes them to Africa each year.


Need to Cancel Your Round Robin???

Use the Members app....under Your the RR Event and click cancel and confirm


Use the Club Website.....log into the Members area, go to Events, find your RR, Click ALREADY REGISTERED, click Cancel. courteous to your fellow members and cancel out of your RR as soon as only takes 15 seconds to do.

Click for more Tech info and previous tips.


Questions about all of this new technology?  Come to the Club tent, Tech help is there.  Mon,Wed,Fri 10-11

We are still working with Sun Communities and Dish to get the webcams up and running.


Lots of great information on ratings and skill level descriptions.

Need more clarity regarding Club Policies and the Club meeting minutes

How to sign up for free Orientation class

Where to find scheduled events like meetings and round robins to sign up for.

Helpful Tech tips.

Click for Club Contacts

Palm Creek Pickleball Mission Statement
  • Create and maintain an environment that promotes health and wellness, social interaction, a sense of community, good sportsmanship and volunteerism
  • Promote the sport of Pickleball for the residents of Palm Creek Resort by developing player skills through training and participation
  • Provide stewardship of our courts in cooperation with Palm Creek Resort and Sun Communities


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